Watch Too Many Termites

Season 1 Episode 15
Too Many Termites

The Pride Lands become overrun with termites!


this is a awesome lion guard episode i loved that part where Goigoi says have each other for dinner and wow i love the stupid charecters like that Jackal Goigoi lol first comment which is cool even becaluse i'm a big fan of the show the lion guard

KionTheLion • 6 months ago

Same man!

Whoiship • 9 months ago

I do ship kion and fuli whenever they split in teams kion is always with fuli. Imagine if they had a child 1/2 lion 1/2 cheetah. Thay would be sick

KionTheLion • 6 months ago

I don't like your assumption of me and Fuli.
Why do you assume on one small thing?
We are just friends!

#kionandfuli • 9 months ago

I love the idea of seeing kion and fuli as a couple . she is always the most worried about him AND she always manages to calm him down a bit . i definetly see a future , as long as fuli opens up a bit more about her feelings for him and him for her .

KionTheLion • 6 months ago

We are only friends.
That's all.

#kionandfuli • 9 months ago

I love the idea of seeing kion and fuli as a couple ahe is always worried about him and she always manages to calm him fown when noone else can #FuliandKionForever

*Generic_Kion_Account* • 6 months ago

Holy crap the mass amount of Kion accounts

Kion26 • 6 months ago


Fulion • 8 months ago

I wish I had an aardwolf as a pet xD there's too many termites in my house

Blue Shadow • 9 months ago

i just found this funny

Gabriel Gab Gabby • 2 years ago

In 7:42 that chameleon is kinyonga

Ashley Cushnie • 2 years ago


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