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Season 1 Episode 3
Bunga the Wise

Floodwaters threaten the Pridelands.


sniper3d • 5 months ago

who is still watching this

Jake Smith • 4 months ago


agron989 • 5 months ago

I am

Kion • 2 years ago

i love the lion guard it is awesome

Troy Lion • 1 year ago

Same along with The Lion King I may be 17 and soon be 18 but I still don't care Disney will always be awesome to me and The Lion King and The Lion Guard is always my most favorite.

So true

Robbie • 2 years ago

Has anyone else noticed that the end credit scene is the plot from TLG return of The roar

ecocat annabelle • 2 years ago


Jerrie Jaguar Lament • 2 years ago

love lion guard so much glad i got tagged in this on facebook

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