Watch The Search for Utamu

Season 1 Episode 8
The Search for Utamu

Fuli learns the importance of working as a team.


Kat • 2 years ago

Bunga- Even I’ve been in trouble one or twice
Kion gives him the look
Bunga- Ok lots of times. Lol this scene was funny!!!

.*+Abigale+*. • 2 years ago

Fuli's face at 20:00 is kind of creepy and funny XD

Upset Annon • 8 months ago

It’s sad to think Bunga has just been used his whole life. Also, the reason the grubs are so rare is probably due to the fact they are born once year AND because they are hunted. If you let them live to adulthood, I’m sure they’ll make more babies next year.

i love the part when fuli says "resting hunting there kind of the same thing.."

alia • 1 year ago

at 7:39 fuli's face looks so funny!

Mwendo Duma • 1 year ago

Fuli at 16:19 just looks adorable.

Colby Blackmon • 2 years ago

The vultures are such nerds

Jerrie Jaguar Lament • 2 years ago

loving lion guard right now so damn PAWSOME

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