Watch The Trail to Udugu

Season 1 Episode 23
The Trail to Udugu

Simba is left in charge of the Lion Guard.


wangwang • 9 months ago

kion is great

ecocat annabelle • 2 years ago

Simba. Leading the Lion Guard. This is going to be... interesting.

Simba • 1 year ago


Ruth Navarathne • 4 weeks ago

Fuli : -sighs calmly- i am not afraid he's just like Kion-
only- bigger!

yep he's only bigger to Kion that's all the differences-





Joaquin Martinez • 1 month ago

"Ok boomer" the episode

Kayden • 3 months ago

I don't Udugu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Simba Jones • 5 months ago

Simba Jones • 5 months ago

10:04 Oh my goodness I'm filthy!!!!

WellH1There • 7 months ago

I have to wonder how/if Mufasa and Scar found Udugu...

HiHowAreYa • 7 months ago

Mufasa and Scar are not really brothers.

Kion26 • 5 months ago

Well... Here is some proof

Simba Jones • 5 months ago

They aren't? Fewf! That means I'm not actually related to a murderer.

ItsRyanYT • 7 months ago

Yes they are.

TLK2OI9 • 7 months ago

It was confirmed short after the release of the TLK Remake that they accually are not, you should google search it.

verdad1963 • 6 months ago

we have to separate "LK universe" from Real life universe; in real life the king lion tends to kill or exile any possible rivals, even his own children, and the lion pride will be one lion with many lionesses until a lion challenges him and beats him................................... in the LKU, specially using the lion guard stories, we have that at least in the prideland ( do not know if it will be similar in other lion lands ) until Kion came, that we had a king (sometimes son of former king, sometimes Son-in-law or sometimes "appointed" like Scar did with Kovu ) and a heir ( sometimes future King, sometimes future Queen ) and than their male "sibling" ( sibling by blood or "adopted" ) would be leader of the lion guard and have 4 other MALE lions as the guard, so in paper in the prideland pride, there was always at least 5 male lions ( the whole lion guard helping the heir that might be male or female ), Kion's guard was the first one to have not only other animals as guard members, but Fuli was first female ever, Anga being 2nd one later on, and Vitani's guard being the first one made of all lionesses and first female leader.

we have to take for certain by this episode that Sarabi's only child was Simba as Simba said he never had a sister or brother but that does not guarantee that Mufasa had another child through another lioness and thus Simba might have a half-brother or half-sister, and I guess that after Scar destroyed his lion guard ( 4 male lions with one of them maybe being Nalas's father who is Kion's grandfather ), the pride of Mufasa ended up with only 3 male lions ( Mufasa, Scar and Simba ) in the original movie................... all of this caused by Disney being hesitant to introduce the real life nature of wild life lions, where incest is a normal occurrence ( siblings and even parent and child mating )

also there is a theory that the "strange lion" that made Scar have his scar and was killed by Scar might be the father or grandfather of Kovu as he looks similar to Kovu

ItsRyanYT • 7 months ago

I don't care what anyone says. They're brothers! Will always be!

KyubbiGirl29 • 7 months ago

How does Simba know about Udugu if he didn’t have a sibling?

Simba Jones • 5 months ago

Because I know everything.

WellH1There • 7 months ago

Probably a tradition

Kayden • 10 months ago

i don't get it and i'm not gonna hold on what i did learn then i will not always have udugu at all

Kayden • 10 months ago

and that's a dupiest suprise ever can't seeved

FuliTheCheetah • 12 months ago

No, actually just watch that whole scene. Its all pretty funny.

Kayden • 6 months ago

it's not funny

FuliTheCheetah • 12 months ago

Also, watch what happens at 19:17 thru 19:23.

FuliTheCheetah • 12 months ago

Watch everyone's facial expressions at 9:24, its hillarious!

FuliTheCheetah • 12 months ago

Bunga has a weird idea of what the king's life is like.

Ryan Perez • 1 year ago

On 5:15, Bunga looks like Albert Einstein.

Arvie Tevin • 1 year ago

But who is Nala brother or sister that why I made my Oc to be her brother Lol this what he's look like he has a magic so he always look a kid cause he's special memories is still there

Queen • 2 years ago

And what

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