Watch The Kilio Valley Fire

Season 2 Episode 19
The Kilio Valley Fire

Scar's minions create chaos in the Kilio Valley.


Janja • 1 year ago

It's not the crocodile's way to sing I guess.

Stacey Tyner • 2 years ago

Omg that was great "I don't sing" XD

ecocat annabelle • 2 years ago

ha ha yeah, that was pretty funny. Yet even though Kiburi didn't make a statement, his troops fought anyway.
Personally, I think the vultures would have "run the dump" the best, with the democracy and all.

kopaisoutthere • 1 year ago

i dont know if were talking about the same thing but i think i hear diplomatically

Malachi Branch • 1 year ago

Even the jackals and the hyenas.

Guest • 1 year ago

In Tangled, Flinn said, " I don't sing!" #easteregg

Maisha TLK • 2 years ago

Yaaay, the Outlanders won! I've been waiting for it for so long.

Panci7 aj • 2 years ago

"I don't sing" #bestlineinthewholepisode

ecocat annabelle • 2 years ago

Zito: Too bad you didn't get here sooner. My favorite grove was burned!
me: Oh, shut up! You are SO ignorant. I bet you have no friends.
*was that dung Ono was dropping on the flames?*
Reirei: Oh yeah? If you're so smart, why is Mwoga still holding that stick?
Mwoga: Oi! Permission to extinguish the fire?
Me:(laughing) you and your British procedures and accents!

SuperEngie • 2 years ago

Noticed that at 18:31 the smoke goes down and not up. It's like they put the clip in reverse

Omg ur right. It’s kind of down and to the left tho

Animatormx • 2 years ago

low budget

SuperEngie • 2 years ago

But couldn't they just reverse it again to fix it. I mean they would have to publish it again but fixing it would have been easy .

disqus_u1h8URlpUx • 2 years ago

I work on this show and it's just people running out of time haha. I have tons of scenes I couldn't fix because I was doing so much at once.

SuperEngie • 2 years ago

Also because you work with this show I have 2 questions. I understand if you don't want to or can't answer these but I was just wondering .1- how many episodes will season 2 have total and when will season 3 start. And 2 when does the lion guard take place in relation to the lion king . Again I understand if you can answer it so it's ok if you don't I was just wondering .

Beast • 1 year ago

it takes places in the lion king 3 after simba separates kiara from kovu when she is young, in the episode "lions of the outlands" kovu said he met kiara a while ago :).

Arvie Tevin • 1 year ago

you means 2

SuperEngie • 2 years ago

That's understandable .

Emily • 1 year ago

Janja:we all agree that this place is a dump and no one likes it right
RayRay and jackals:huh yeh
Kabuki and crocodiles:yeh
Goigoi:I think it’s cozy zzzz
Janja:well since everyone else hates it I am willing to do everyone a favor and have us hyenas be incharge
RayRay:you hyenas
Kaburi:No way Scar didn’t say nothing about you hyenas running things
Misingo:territorial leadership clans claims can not determined without proper parliamentary procedure isn’t that right
Janja:we don’t news don’t need the procedure just let me run this dump
Janja sings song:I am gonna run this dump just you wait and see and when I run this dump you will all bow to me I will be king dirt ruler of ash lord of a muck a kimdom of trash and I will run this dump just you wait and see
RayRay:oh you think so do you

Cows&Sloths • 3 months ago

I’m on bad guy team I’m glad that kind of won

Cows&Sloths • 3 months ago

Did kyan throw a crocodile DOWN A CLIFF. That’s MURDER. You can’t blame them for being hungry simba shoode put kyan in the outlands for ATEMPT OF MURDER

FuliTheCheetah • 10 months ago

"Hello morsel"

He used that line in Fuli's new family too.

Kat • 1 year ago

How the episode should have gone.
Kiburi: I don’t sing..... I rap!

Jessica • 1 year ago

16:32-17:13; a life lesson with Mufasa

Malachi Branch • 1 year ago

That devil is a liar

Enigma • 1 year ago

Really good show. I hope we see more of Jasiri. :)

Dark Obsidian • 1 year ago

The way I see the song is about a few different governments; Janja is obviously a Tyrant, Reirei is a Dictatorship, Mzingo is a Democracy, and Kiburi... well that one is kinda like Laissez-Faire. Quite a nice ring to it really and am I alone in rooting for Scar to win?

Musa • 1 year ago

Oh yeh now I am going RULE this dump because I am the smartest here by RayRay The jackal.

mark • 1 year ago

how can i download these episode would love to have them on my usb and watch offline

Janja • 1 year ago

i mean really but The jackals would run the dump better even though it goes against my name

Janja • 1 year ago

Why didn't kion just use the roar to make it rain and put out the fire

Eric Sanchez • 2 years ago

Season 33333

Ben Caldwell • 2 years ago

Rairei should run this dump because she is a lady. you know ladies first.

Faceless Gamer • 2 years ago

This reminds me of Hillary Clinton...

Malena Santillán • 2 years ago

Not everything returns to normal, but one adapts, this is the phrase that I get when I see this episode :)

Sarah Noor • 2 years ago

"Change is the only constant in the world, we have to adapt to it" OmG now I see....

Pim Jenkin's • 2 years ago

I would kill to see Janja second in command lol.

Kat • 2 years ago

Do you think Janja will send scar back to where he came from and fall in love with Jasiri?

Jasiri Fan • 2 years ago

Yeah. I really like the idea

The One With No Good Name • 2 years ago

Scar has always been one of my favorite Disney villains. Him being such a magnificent tactician in the original film just
got kicked up several notches here. Its like a game of battlefront! I kinda hope that they beat him with actual clever strategy instead of dues ex roarina in the end.

SomePerson • 2 years ago

I feel like if Scar takes over the pride lands his "minion's" would just turn against him since after they have taken over the pride lands perhaps they would just see no other benefits in listening to Scar anymore. Heck his followers are already fighting for control and leader ship.

9puppys • 2 years ago

Indeed you have a good point

I love the lion guard. Has anyone else noticed that the art style of the eyes is a bit different?

Compared to the lion king

TLG_Premiere • 2 years ago

That fire again.

Ben Caldwell • 2 years ago

Are the hyenas, Jackles,Vultures, and Crocs are going to help the The Lion Guard to defeat Scar.

Why would they

Twilight Sparkle Fan • 2 years ago

the lion guard just got a little darker in storyline

Guest • 1 year ago

How are you a " Twilight Sparkle Fan" if you use cuss words in other storys??

Guest • 1 year ago

No it didn't! Now stop saying "scary" stuff for my lil sis! Someone told her that there is death bugs at the park, so she got spooked easily! Edit: Wow, what a world we live in! :(

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