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Season 2 Episode 23
The Hyena Resistance

Jasiri forms a Hyena Resistance to battle Scar.


UniLover • 1 year ago

Jasiri is the most adorable Hyena in my opinion(is that weird?)

Ruth Navarathne • 2 months ago

Nuuuuuuuuuuu its not weird =w=

UniLover • 2 months ago

OK good ty

Ruth Navarathne • 2 months ago

NP ^^

Cows&Sloths • 3 months ago

Yes that is vary wired

agron989 • 5 months ago

No it's not wired at all your she is the most adorable hyena

PlayApexLegendsWithMeOnPS4 • 7 months ago

Nah, the cubs are better. (S2E9; Rescue in the Outlands)

Seth McDonell • 1 year ago

No, you are not weird because Jasiri is a beautiful hyena.

The Commenter Dragon • 1 year ago

Now that there's a Hyena resistance,this means once again the Lion Guard will be one step ahead of Scar and his army at every turn.

Cows&Sloths • 3 months ago

But what if jasari KILLS SOMONE

agron989 • 1 year ago

that's for sure especially of Janja and his clan also joins them like it might turn out to be whew Scar better watch out

General Kenobi • 1 year ago

Oh bothair. Janja was my favorite villain but it might be cool to see him turn good I suppose.

John Pass • 1 year ago

He still young unknown of their ages but he still learning

Cows&Sloths • 3 months ago

NO Janja is the dumbest leder

agron989 • 1 year ago

that's true will just have to wait and see

John Pass • 1 year ago

Does anyone know how many members are in Janja Clan their shows 6-9 but I seen mostly 5 but this episode I didn’t see Nne and Tano I saw the other two

John Pass • 1 year ago

Or why did Janja took back Nne and Tano? Even in their own episode role they didn’t seem to know the Lion guard even though they met before

agron989 • 1 year ago

you I've been thinking the same thing but i think it's nine.

John Pass • 1 year ago

Why don’t we see 9 then

agron989 • 1 year ago

well lets say they have scar recruit 3 certain hyenas from movie 1

John Pass • 1 year ago

well mostly we seen 5-7 few times is 6 but 7 then 9 two time i think

disqus_KuSHO2CtjB • 1 year ago

disqus_bb2tOj1bmc 5+

Ryan Perez • 1 year ago

I think that every episode that has Jasiri in it is going to be a fan favorite. I have a feeling that Janja will join Jasiri's Hyena Resistance since she saved him and they have to stick together. As Jasiri always say: Sisi Ni Sawa.

Jasiri Fan • 1 year ago

I so do hope that Janja joins Jasiri's resistance!

Mimmi Li • 1 year ago

I agree

JhorseyPuma • 1 year ago

I hope in other episodes, Janja will start feeling like he is lower than Scar, and he doesn't like it. He secretly "escapes," but they catch him again, so Scar is really mad and is going to do something(maybe even murder, in a subtle kids way), but something happens(probably involving the lion guard trying to save something) and he escapes again, with or without his clan. Actually, it would be cool if he did this alone. So he travels to Jasiri's place, ashamed, and talks(or confronts) her. Maybe before that, her clan thinks he is coming to kill her again, and tries to kill her. Then he goes to his territory and somehow his clan is there... ? But um, then he SOMEHOW gets re-accepted into the PLDG(Pride Land Domination Group) and after a bit he decides to relay info to Jasiri, then to the Lion Guard. The LG is skeptical and they dont really trust Janja at first, but soon accept this arrangement. Also there is NO romance between Janja and Jasiri. Its a strictly business relationship. And Janja still kinda hates her for ruining his plans and stuff. Did u like the theory/suggestion?

TLG_Premiere • 1 year ago

Janja Safe

Erik Bihari • 1 year ago

Another amazing episode!,But every episode featuring Jasiri is great, not only the character is likable and memorabble but Maia Mitchell's performance is amazing!,And i honestly still can't belive that there are people who hate this show considering all the talent they recruited for guest spots:like Amanda Waller!(cc h pounder as Kongwe!),Renée Elise Goldsberry!!!!(We hawe way to mutch celebrityes to keep track of so they appearing in shows like this make iut easyer and if i learn something new from a show it's a bonus like Agent and anti Venom along with Mr. Negative in ultimate spiderman!(no disrespect to Josh Keaton but when he speaks sometime it's hard to belive that he's character used to be a lame geek and sound to Cool.,and even if people hate it they can't denie Drake Bell wase an amazing spidarman, with the right amount of badassness and geeky flare!)

Kiara Lioness • 1 year ago

Woah! great episode! It was cool seeing Jasiri save Janja even though he done bad. To me it will be quite cool to see Janja join the good guys Jasiri and her Hyena Resistance and The lion guard who knows maybe or maybe not I think he will soon though I think right now he is just nervous and Scared of what the other outlanders will do. what they will think of Janja doing good. but I hope he joins the good side. we will for sure soon see I hope.

TLGFAN • 1 year ago

Wow this episode was amazing! I like the part where Jasiri saves Janja, I wonder what'll happen nxt would be funny if Janja joins Jasiri and the lion guard? 😂🤣

Kiara Lioness • 1 year ago

I would like that him being good that to me be cool to see like I said in a comment on here maybe he will soon right now I think he is just nervous and Scared of what the other outlanders will do. what they will think of Janja doing good.

Arvie Tevin • 1 year ago

Janja x jasiri will be official XD

TLGFAN • 1 year ago


The Commenter Dragon • 1 year ago

I think it would give the Lion Guard more or an advantage if Janja switched sides well "secretly" switched sides because if he did that then he could be another spy for the guard the more spies they have the more info they gather and the more info they gather the longer they stay a step ahead of Scar.

Guest • 1 year ago

But then the lizards (spies) will know. I think that Disney should keep its theme for a while, than change it up a little. :)

Irene Poernomo • 11 months ago

you mean the skinks...

Liam Evans • 1 year ago

Scar Keeps Blowing A Gasket

ecocat annabelle • 1 year ago

yep, his "allies" keep pissing him off

scszbg • 1 month ago

I SHIP JASIRI AND JANJA = Jasina their childs name if they had one

Mimmi Li • 1 year ago

Janja needs to know the truth of Scar's death

davegordoom • 1 year ago

love this episode prob my second fave episode my fave is never rour again

Dakota Duval • 1 year ago

I think that’s the first time we saw Scar getting angrier and roars at Janja as the volcano erupted.

ecocat annabelle • 1 year ago

he was part of an earlier lion guard. perhaps he didn't lose all of his roar power! That's not good.

Resident evil • 1 year ago

Jasiri x kion

Irene Poernomo • 11 months ago

jasiri x kion

Tyler Ellyson • 1 year ago

Can it. Jasiri and Kion are just friends. And I mean it.

Guest • 1 year ago

OMG!!!! I totally ship Janja x Jasiri! Like if you agree! ;)

Kion_The_Lion • 3 months ago

Kwetu ni Kwetu means to us belongs to us.
Tell me if you need to know what the other phrases mean.

Cows&Sloths • 3 months ago

I HATE how the lion guard always so mean to the bad guys 😭😢😡

It makes me mad

Cows&Sloths • 3 months ago

Ono and Fuli are mi less favored

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