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Season 2 Episode 29
Fire from the Sky

The Lion Guard seeks help from Hadithi.


FuliTheCheetah • 10 months ago

Okay.(pants) I think that's over. Anyways, here's what we know about season 3.

Dahabu is returning, along with dogo and his family, and scar and his boys.
A new lioness named Rani is coming in, along with plenty others.
Snow leapords and snow monkeys will be making an appearance.
The tree of life will be present.
Kion is aging slightly, and in one picture he has a scar across his left eye.
The season will have 18 episodes, plus a double-length opener.
The opening episode is titled "the battle for the pride lands"
The release date os August 3rd.

You can find out more at the lion guard wiki, and goodbye, I think im gonna go hyper again.
AAH SEASON 3!!!!!!!!

FuliTheCheetah • 10 months ago

Oh my Mufassa, hold the phone! I just checked and season 3 actually has ZERO confirmed release date! So we know it's coming in August, but we don't know when. What a pity. Anyways, SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FuliTheCheetah • 10 months ago

Oh my Elders, I just checked again and IT'S COMING OUT AUGUST 3RD AFTER ALL!!! OMG OMG SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

Joshua Crawford • 10 months ago

There might be more as well, if they do decide to make a sequel or somehting

Steven Villman • 10 months ago

If they do a sequel, I hope that the crocodiles (Makuu and his float, along with Pua and his new float) will be the main characters and that the story will take place in the float waters. I would call the new, sequel series "The Crocodile Guard".

FuliTheCheetah • 10 months ago

Umm, what? The crocodiles are your favorite characters?

Sadhbh Corr • 1 year ago

Fire from the Sky is awesome! Can't wait for season 3! Wish that the series wasn't ending :(

Kiara Lioness • 1 year ago

same The Lion Guard is awesome and I'm super hyped for season 3 and I wish it would never end!

BlackNoir • 1 year ago

Thank you for using AirKion and don't come back.

Rocky Mixbreed • 7 months ago

This is my favorite episode

Troy Rogue Lion • 9 months ago

Well so far the sneak peaks I have seen for season 3 of The Lion Guard looks very awesome to me I can't wait. I saw in this video how Scar got his Scar
Now this next one I saw was the season 3 trailer it includes the new Lioness character Rani
And the next one I found it has Makini's parents and it shows Makini when she was very young.
The last video clip I saw for now until I see another clip of season 3 uploaded by a Youtuber I'm subscribed to I get a notification cause I always have bell turned on always alert me when uploads come! All these videos look very awesome to me I always really love anything The Lion King even if it's an OK thing like The Lion Guard or The Lion King live action I always prefer the original as some thing that will never be able to be replaced.

Joshua Crawford • 9 months ago

It also seems like Kion is losing control of his roar

Troy Rogue Lion • 9 months ago

I know it's because of the Scar one of his evil plans. Kion though He's going to try very hard I feel though to not let it completely change him fully evil.

Sadhbh Corr • 9 months ago

Kion looks 15 months in this Season. I don't if that's how they're gonna. I have a guess that we will see him as an adult lion because I think that The Guard will be looking for the Tree of Life for ages. Also, there is no way Kion would turn evil. This is one of Scar's plans. The hyenas appear to have turned good. Everyone appears to know how to talk to Mufasa, I wonder how that happened!

Kiara Lioness • 1 year ago

I saw this episode just today as soon as I got to school when I got a notification from youtube for this episode I decided to come on this website to watch it I was happy to see it on this website I really enjoyed watching this episode it was quite funny and good I'm still very hyped for season 3 I love The Lion Guard!!!!! I was glad to watch this episode in school getting done with this episode just in time to have to go to 1th period. Amazing episode super epic!!!!! Hyped for season 3. Season 2 was very awesome I bet that season 3 will also be good I actually feel that Scar is a really great villain best ever to have in The Lion King and The Lion Guard Best Disney villain ever!

Li0n k1ng • 10 months ago

I just re watched rise of scar then I watched fire from the sky and kions voice is so different 😱🦁

Kat • 1 year ago

Wait a sec! When did this come out!

Steven Villman • 1 year ago

It cam out yesterday (April 22, 2019) in according to Wikipedia.

Emilio • 1 year ago

Kion's voice!

Sadhbh Corr • 1 year ago

Yes! I agree his voice is deeper now than in season 1. Because his voice actor, Max Charles, is nearly 16 so his voice is deepening too. Also, they're aging Kion in season 3, I think it's to better suit his deep voice. Also, I am pysched for season 3!

Steven Villman • 1 year ago

I'm really looking forward to see on how they do Kion's voice in Season 3 and exactly what it sounds like there!

Emilio • 1 year ago


Sadhbh Corr • 1 year ago

His voice will probably only get more deeper as the series goes! But that's fine.

JhorseyPuma • 10 months ago

Yup. Can't wait to see him aged! I hope the design is good. In the first seasons he was a cub, but how can a cub command so much authority?! 😾 I am happy they are making him older, so that part can seem more believable. 😸

Ben Caldwell • 1 year ago

When is season 3 going to come out may or june, or july?

Sadhbh Corr • 1 year ago

I heard it could be on September 17th.

Steven Villman • 1 year ago

That's really good for me to know here, as that will give me a break from downloading these episodes with VLC Media Player (that is quite tricky there!)! Plus, I can safely burn all of the Season 2 episodes to a blank DVD or Blu-ray without me worrying that I'll have to redo the burning of the Season 2 episodes to blank optical media in the future because I missed some episodes, now that I know that Episode 29 is the last episode for Season 2.

FuliTheCheetah • 10 months ago

Actually, ITS COMIn

FuliTheCheetah • 10 months ago


Joshua Crawford • 10 months ago

August 3rd, 2019

Ben Caldwell • 1 year ago

I like this episode and are you making season 3 yet. p.s. I can't wait.

Ben Caldwell • 1 year ago

I'm watching it right now.

Kionoo1 • 1 year ago

What an epic episode this was a great way to end the season can't wait for season 3

Resident evil • 1 year ago

Yes kion roar normal and dont sonic

This was a super good episode and a perfect final

Sadhbh Corr • 1 year ago

So, Kion can roar normally. He uses echolocation in Cave of Secrets! That's awesome

sniper3d • 3 months ago

I think the anga and ono song sound similar from my little pony whan that say spread those wings and soar song

benjamin • 4 months ago

I would like to see more
and I hope you make more plz :)

Kitchi • 4 months ago

I love that because a group of vultures is called a congress, they made the vulture characters all super procedural, using speech patterns you'd find in a former political debate. They can't do anything without putting it to a vote. It's clever. Lol

Li0n k1ng • 9 months ago

Omg 2 more hours till the new episode! 😄🦁

Kionoo1 • 9 months ago

16 hours and 11 mins can't wait

FuliTheCheetah • 9 months ago

This is what was going through my head when I watched this:

Vultures: High altitude bombers
Ono: Light reconnaissance fighter
Anga: High altitude interceptor
Other birds: Fighters

Let the battle of Britain begin!

FuliTheCheetah • 9 months ago

Oh yeah, one more thing:

Kion: Flak

Resident evil • 9 months ago

When is new sesonger on this webside
Be cauas am from norway so iam No kan se on tv

watchtlg • 9 months ago

The countdown here shows the time remaining until the episode appears on the website:

Nehemiah Joshua • 9 months ago

will there be the additional 8 episodes as seen on their twitters released on disney now?

watchtlg • 9 months ago

Everything from DisneyNow will be available here as well.

Nehemiah Joshua • 9 months ago


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